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Scott Brown: Is Not Running the New Running?

John on February 22, 2011 at 6:00 am

So we’ve all heard for months that Chris Christie is not running for President in 2012. But not running has done little to dampen the enthusiasm for him. In fact, it was news the other day when one of Christie’s advisers mentioned that he might form a federal PAC. I actually don’t think Christie will run this time (though I wish he would), but I’m not so sure about Senator Scott Brown.

Senator Brown is not running either, and yet consider what he’s been up to lately…

He released a new book, Against All Odds, which has won praise from all corners for it’s openness about the Senator’s history of sexual and physical abuse. The stories are truly horrifying and moving. Sen. Brown deserves credit for exposing his life in this way and for offering help to others who might need to open up about their abusive histories. He’s earned the plaudits and I’ll add my voice to the chorus of praise.

On another level, this is just the kind of rags to riches personal story that sharpies like David Axelrod would use to build a national campaign. Recall that rags to riches was Clinton’s story, it was Obama’s story and it was Justice Sotomayor’s story. American’s love this story and Scott Brown is finding that out if he didn’t know it already. He made the rounds to promote his book, appearing on 60 Minutes, Today, even the View. And now he’s going going on a six-week book tour with stops in eight states including Florida and New Hampshire (no Iowa though).

Listen to this appearance on Hannity last night and tell me this guy doesn’t have a certain presidential quality:

YouTube Preview Image

I actually think he could have a shot at the nomination if he was more solidly pro-life. As it is, he’s fairly moderate, expressing support for Roe as settled law but also supporting the Hyde amendment and parental notification laws. That makes him the best option in a state like Massachusetts, but on the national stage the base is going to want someone more solidly with them on this issue in particular.

Maybe Scott Brown is getting his ducks in a row for 2016. All I know for certain is that some of the pieces of a national campaign seem to be in place.

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