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Chris Matthews Gets It Wrong on WI Unions (So Does Paul Krugman)

John on February 21, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Noel Sheppard just put up an excellent post at Newsbusters showing that Chris Matthews got it wrong in his reporting on unions and Gov. Scott Walker. Here’s the clip in question:

Click over to read Noel Sheppard’s proof that Matthews got it wrong.

Also, note that Paul Krugman used this same claim in today’s column, saying:

Tellingly, some workers — namely, those who tend to be Republican-leaning — are exempted from the ban; it’s as if Mr. Walker were flaunting the political nature of his actions.

Add it to the list of Krugman’s mistakes. Turns out only 4 of 314 police and firefighter unions supported Gov. Walker. The largest statewide unions all supported his opponent. Nice try Matthews. Nice try Krugman. Will we ever see a correction? Don’t hold your breath.

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