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Video: Morning Joe Deserves Credit

John on February 21, 2011 at 4:19 pm

Jeff Poor at the Daily Caller posted this and it is pretty significant:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s notable that someone at MSNBC put it on the air, though it’s not surprising it was Joe and not any of their prime-time hosts. Recall that Rachel Maddow did a 7 minute segment on Tea Party signs last year. She was outraged about them, and about Palin’s crosshairs map. Not so much about these signs apparently. Still, Joe did show them and ask the right question when Carl Bernstein tried to change the topic. Kudos to Joe for that.

Also, you have to give the panel credit for calling this what it is: Liberal Media Bias. I haven’t checked MRC to see if Joe was accurate, but if no network has shown these signs that’s truly outrageous.

Recall that in over a year worth of Tea Party protests there were a total of maybe a dozen signs which the left harped on over and over. Several of those came from the John Birch society, which isn’t exactly in the Tea Party mainstream. But in just one week there are at least as many outrageous signs created by Wisconsin teachers and public employees. If you throw in the Koch brothers protest from last month, there’s plenty of racial animus on display from the left too. And yet, the only place you’ll hear about it is on right wing blogs. The nets have no use for it. It’s textbook media bias. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

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