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Soros Compares Rupert Murdoch to Hitler (Media Matters silent)

John on February 20, 2011 at 4:45 pm

In the wake of Tucson, we’re all supposed to be employing a new tone. In fact, failure to do so is considered grounds for being hounded off the air, at least that’s the standard the shills at Media Matters have applied to Glenn Beck.

But I guess George Soros decided to scrap all that “new tone” business. Yesterday he appeared on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show and promptly made a comparison between Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch and the Nazis taking over in the wake of the Weimar Republic:

YouTube Preview Image

To truly understand how surprising this is you need to know that Media Matters, which Soros supports financially, has been on a two year crusade to have Glenn Beck removed from television. In the last 2-4 months, a big part of their strategy has been to attack Beck for his use of Nazi references (you can find the mother-lode of oppo-research here). They’ve written dozens of dispatches on this subject, some contain penetrating questions like this:

[D]oes this mean that Beck really thinks that this is a defensible part of the reasonable discourse in this country given that Nazi tactics include detention and execution of political opponents, use of paramilitary force, banning other political parties, and of course the systematic genocide of Jews.

I suppose it’s a fair question. So now that Media Matters’ #1 fan and largest individual donor has done the same thing on national television, what do they have to say about it?


They posted video of Soros’ comments here without transcript or comment. Note that the headline doesn’t mention that Soros broke Godwin’s Law in the clip. I guess this way they can claim they posted it, even though they buried the lede.

And that’s how it goes at Media Matters. When Beck mentions the Weimar Republic, it’s a reason to go after his advertisers. When Media Matters’ own patron does it, it’s not even mentioned. Media Matters doesn’t give a damn about civility or Nazi references in politics. They care about one thing: discrediting the right by any means necessary. I hope reporters who still frequently rely on them for stories and research are starting to realize they are being used by a group of partisan hacks who put ideology first and principle last.

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