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David Cameron is Ending Welfare as Brits Know It

John on February 17, 2011 at 10:45 am

The plan is to simplify benefits and end incentives for not working:

David Cameron today announced the most ambitious change to the welfare system since it began, promising to re-introduce a culture of responsibility that he said had been lost…

People who turn down jobs will lose benefits and housing benefits will be capped:

Unemployed people who refuse to take a reasonable offer of a job or voluntary work will lose benefits for three months on the first occasion, rising to three years if it happens three times…

The government will stop households receiving out-of-work benefits of more than the average working household receives in wages, by introducing a cap linked to average weekly earnings. Housing benefit will also be restricted to the cheapest 30 per cent of homes in an area.

Here’s a bit of what Cameron had to say about the new benefits scheme:

‘Yes, there are those who, with no regret or remorse, intentionally rip off the system – and that makes hard-working people, including many on low incomes who pay their taxes, rightly angry,’ he said.

‘But I know this country and therefore refuse to believe that there are five million people who are inherently lazy and have no interest in bettering themselves and their families. ‘What I want to argue is that the real fault lies with the system itself.

‘The benefit system has created a benefit culture. It doesn’t just allow people to act irresponsibly, but often actively encourages them to do so.’

Mr Cameron said: ‘This is about the beginning of cultural change. A new culture of responsibility.

Kudos to David Cameron for taking a positive step in the right direction. Sooner or later, it’s a step every government is going to need to take.

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