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New Pigford Audio Proves Intentional Fraud in Settlements

John on February 10, 2011 at 9:34 am

Morgen and I are at CPAC in Washington DC. The first panel we attended this morning was held by Andrew Breitbart. He was introduced by Michelle Bachmann.

Next, Breitbart got up and gave a brief history of the lawsuits. The bottom line is that there are nearly 100K Pigford claimants despite the fact that official figures place the number of black farmers at under 20K. Because he knew the story would not be picked up by the media if it were coming from him, he asked Lee Stranahan, a politically liberal writer for Huffington Post, to investigate the claims and either prove or disprove that fraud was involved.

Stranahan played clips from a 2 hour long audio file which made clear that there was intentional fraud involved in the filing of claims. In the audio clips, Tom Burrell tells an audience at a black church how to get $50,000 checks by claiming that they or some family member had “attempted” to farm between 1981 and 1996, the time period covered by the Pigford lawsuits.

Finally, Breitbart introduced Eddie Slaughter one of the genuine black farmers who says that the Pigford settlement was essentially a scam, one which benefitted mostly non-farmers and which failed to help many of the genuine black farmers who all parties agree faced real discrimination.

The full audio will be released on Big Government today. When it becomes available I will post a link here.

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