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Egypt’s Gas Pipeline to Jordan in Flames, Israel’s Supply Compromised

John on February 6, 2011 at 3:55 pm

There’s little doubt this was sabotage, but it appears the saboteur’s got the wrong pipe:

The explosion occured at a measuring station in Arish and damaged the line supplying Jordan. The line supplying Israel was shut down at first as a precaution. This proved wise as it turned out that the fire overheated the pipe and compromised the entire supply line. It will take several days to cool and for the supply to resume.

The Merhav group, the Israeli partner in the EMG consortium that exports Egyptian gas to Israel, said Saturday it could take up to a week. According to news reports, Israel buys about $10 million worth of gas a week from Egypt in many long-term deals…Israel produces about 45% of its electricity from natural gas that comes from two main sources: 60% domestically from a reserve off Israel’s southern shore, and from 40% from Egypt.

Here’s video of the compromised pipeline, which is now shooting a massive column of fire into the air:

YouTube Preview Image

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