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Think Progress and the Racist Video Double Standard

John on February 6, 2011 at 11:24 am

It was big news on the left when serial fabulist Lee Fang put together a video of supposed racism at Tea Party events for his website Think Progress. Blogger Bob Owens did an excellent job showing that nearly every element of Fang’s video was deceitful in some way. But of course Fang never acknowledged it. He never walks back his ridiculous smears, he just moves on to the next one. So I wonder what Lee Fang and Think Progress have to say about this:

YouTube Preview Image

That’s from a protest of the Koch brothers that took place last weekend. One single protest.

So, is that the face of the progressive movement? Using the standard Think Progress, Media Matters, TPM and others applied to the Tea Party over the past 18 months–you’d have to say yes. Who knows, maybe they agree. They certainly have been quiet about this clip.

Lee Fang has written four posts about the Koch brothers in the last week (Brad Johnson contributed another) but neither author has mentioned this video. The ommission is particularly odd for Fang, who has “been digging into the nefarious activity of the Koch family” for two years according to this post. Tracking this stuff is actually a significant part of his job and yet, somehow, he missed this video.

The progressive left (at least their leading lights at Think Progress) don’t really care about racism and violent rhetoric in politics, not really. They care about beating up conservatives using those hot-button issues as a cudgel. But when racist, violent rhetoric makes an appearance at an event they repeatedly hyped on their site, they pretend it didn’t happen. Let’s keep that in mind the next time folks at Think Progress start accusing people on the right of racism. With an election coming next year, we won’t have to wait very long.

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