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Obama vs. McCain on the Surge (Update)

John on July 23, 2008 at 9:27 am

I’m stealing this clip from Ed at Hot Air. Regular readers are probably sick of this topic, but in my own defense, this is the first time the candidates have squared off (albeit via Katie Couric) on this issue. The result is Obama makes a fool of himself and McCain gets in some of his best lines to date:

YouTube Preview Image

Do Americans care or are they only looking for a pretty face this election cycle? Obama continues to use the “Judgment to Lead” tag line on his podium. Perhaps this would be better:

Update: Ann Althouse reads the riot act to leftist tool Joe Klein:

The point is that Obama’s judgment would have led this country to jump headlong into defeat. We now must decide if we want this man making choices about things that will arise in the future.

Um, no.

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