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Who Referred Women to Dr. Gosnell’s Murder Clinic?

John on January 19, 2011 at 9:22 pm

Dr. Gosnell is a multi-millionaire. He was getting lots of business. Credit Ace for asking the question that any good reporter should be asking at this point “Who referred Gosnell such a steady stream of business?”

No doubt some of it was word of mouth, but is it just possible that other clinics in the area who weren’t willing to “help” certain women because they knew it was illegal to do so, might mention Dr. Gosnell as an option.

As it happens, Planned Parenthood has a whole bunch of clinics (marked blue) within a half hour drive of Dr. Gosnell’s Women’s Health Society (marked red). There are also lots of independent abortion clinics (marked green):

View Philidelphia Area Planned Parenthood Clinics in a larger map

Not that Planned Parenthood (or any clinic) would ever, ever do anything illegal or unethical. Yeah, that never happens.

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