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Rep. Cohen: “Just Like Goebbels”

John on January 19, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Not much needs to be added to Rep. Steve Cohen’s contribution to the health care debate:

YouTube Preview Image

He’s relying of course on the execrable Politifact which last month named “government takeover” its lie of the year. I can’t improve on Karl’s refutation of this absurd claim. Basically, Politifact has decreed that anything less than a single-payer Canadian-style health system is not a government takeover. The fact that private insurers will now offer government approved plans featuring government dictated coverage on a government run exchange for government approved margins is insignificant. Why, the government barely has a hand in it if they don’t nationalize the hospitals.

Of course the government will put an end to the construction or expansion of doctor owned hospitals, but that’s not worth mentioning either. If you want to talk about a big lie, the claim that this is not a government takeover certainly qualifies.

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