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About that DCCC Map of Targeted Republicans

John on January 11, 2011 at 8:05 pm

This post has received international attention in the wake of the Arizona shooting. I’ve noticed that while some in the media have picked up and shown the DLC map, they have largely avoided the more recent DCCC map (2009) which included photos of specific “targeted Republicans.” I believe they are hesitant because the DCCC has removed the map and indeed the entire website it was on has been deleted. For that reason the original links in my post now redirect to another DCCC page. It has even been suggested in the comments that this is suspicious, so I feel the need to clarify.

On February 23, 2009, the DCCC announced a new initiative to target 12 Republicans who were opposed to the stimulus bill. Here is the announcement on their blog and here it is in their “newsroom.” Both announce the creation of a new website and a new map targeting Republicans:

The DCCC is also launching a new webpage,, designed to educate people about the benefits of the economic recovery bill and how it will impact their district. The site includes an interactive map that illustrates the job creation and tax cuts by state, information about targeted Republicans; and a petition where people can voice their outrage about Republican opposition.

The announcement was covered by the media and the website was active, with the map shown in my original post (the green one with the red targets), when I wrote my post in March 2010. Sometime in the past 8 months, the map and the entire site have been removed by the DCCC. Unfortunately, there is no cache of the original site in Google and the DCCC has not allowed it’s site to be archived by the Internet Archive since August 2008. Normally, this would make it impossible to find visual proof.

However, the DCCC was a bit sloppy cleaning up it’s mess and forgot to delete the Recovery for America Facebook page which is still live. In case this disappears too, here’s a screenshot of the full page and here’s a detail showing the map in question:

The evidence is irrefutable that the DCCC did run this campaign, including the map with bullseyes over specific “targeted Republicans.” But if you want to see it with your own eyes, better have a look now. I suspect that Facebook page won’t be around for much longer.

Update: Helpful commenter David has managed to dig up the Internet Archive version of the page. The targets are missing from the map, but you can see from the sidebar that they were indeed there at one time.

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