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Abortion’s Harmful Consequenses for Women

John on February 4, 2006 at 2:46 pm

Though it was reported in Australia and New Zealand a few days ago, I just read about this significant new study at Human Events. They quote the study as follows:

Forty-one percent of women had become pregnant on at least one occasion prior to age 25, with 14.6% having an abortion. Those having an abortion had elevated rates of subsequent mental health problems including depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors and substance use disorders. This association persisted after adjustment for confounding factors.

Another story, this one from the Sydney Morning Herald, notes:

The findings tipped the balance of scientific evidence towards the conclusion that abortion increased psychological distress rather than alleviating it, said Professor Fergusson, who supports unrestricted access to abortion and describes himself as “an atheist, a rationalist and pro-choice”. That could make it more difficult for doctors to claim they were performing an abortion on health grounds, he said.

Yes, I’d say that would make it more difficult to paint him as having an agenda. Dr. Fergusson’s actual goal is explained a few paragraphs later:

Abortion is the most common medical or surgical procedure young women undergo by far [and] there are potential adverse reactions. The aim of our research was never political. It was to say, ‘The science in this area is not good. Let’s add to it’.

Finally, to further confound the skeptics, Dr. Fergusson notes:

Separate analysis had confirmed the mental health problems followed abortion – not the other way round.

The usual pro-choice arguments are already being offered in rebuttal:

Dr Read, who has worked in reproduction health for more than 30 years, said her experience was that if given appropriate advice and support, very few women showed signs of depression long-term after an abortion.”There may be signs of normal grieving. But the vast majority in my experience, do not regret their decision.”

Is it just me or is this starting to sound pretty thin?

Finally, this article at LifeSite notes that Dr. Fergusson had to go to four different journals to get his study published. In a related story (read: whitewash) articles about the study appeared in several Austraila papers (Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Online Australia, Daily Telegraph) and in at least one New Zealand daily (NZ Herald) over the several days. Yet, curiously, only one US paper has noted it’s existence at all (Washington Times).

I think there’s a very good reason why this is so. Just three words really. Try these on for size, pro-choice people: Compelling. State. Interest.

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