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Wikileaks an Israeli Conspiracy?

John on January 4, 2011 at 8:40 am

You knew it had to happen. Eventually, parts of the Muslim media would connect Wikileaks (as they connect everything else) to the Jews:

Unless you are a reader of Islamist websites, you’d probably be surprised to learn that the WikiLeaks trove of US diplomatic cables is an Israeli conspiracy.

Wonder why there was so much material about Arab regimes petitioning the United States to contain Iran’s nuclear program? How about why there was conspicuously little in the trove of data that was embarrassing to Israel?

It’s because WikiLeaks founder and director Julian Assange struck a deal with Israel and the “Israel lobby” to withhold documents that might embarrass the Jewish state – at least that’s what Al Manar, the Hizbullah-run media outlet, and Al Haqiqa, which is affiliated with a Syrian opposition group, are writing. The conspiracy theories are percolating as well on far-left and far-right websites.

Assange is a far-left liberal, meaning he no doubt sees Israel as the villain in every story. Maybe he’s waiting to release all of his data on Israel at once. Who knows? But there’s no way he’s reached any kind of secret deal to protect their reputation. One wonders if the media in Arab states realizes how pathetic their obsession with the Jews is and does it for public consumption (every autocrat needs a villain) or whether they really believe this nonsense.

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