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iPhone 3G Review

John on July 14, 2008 at 1:27 pm

Well, I’ve finally gone over to the dark side. After years of being a PC loyalist, largely because I prefer to build my own machines, I’ve bought an Apple product. In fact, I waited in line 3 hours for one. That product is the new Apple iPhone. I’ll go into a bit more detail below, but in a word it’s amazing.

I’ve never had a smart phone. My last three phones, all with Cincular before they became AT&T, were about as dumb (and cheap) as they could be. So the iphone is not just a new phone but a new class of phone for me. Man is this thing sweet!

If you’re a news junkie/web addict like myself, the appeal of broadband internet access on the go can not be overstated. Add to that a nice phone interface, GPS and a bevy of new Apps and it is simply a thing of beauty.

Case in point, this weekend I took my girls to a Jonas Brothers concert about 25 minutes away. My car doesn’t have a GPS system but I was able to fire up the iphone and have it track my progress in real time on a google map of the area. No more worries about getting lost, just watch the blue dot. Later, while at the concert I was able to call home and check tomorrow’s weather in just a couple taps.

The App store in itself is worth the price of admission. I’ve only downloaded 5 or 6 of the free ones so far, but even those are nice. Next time I need a BofA ATM while traveling I can find it in one click. There’s one app I haven’t had a chance to try yet but which claims it can identify any song playing on your radio. Not exactly a necessity, but you gotta admit that’s a cool use of technology.

It goes without saying that the touchscreen is, in my 3 days of experience, flawless. The software works without a glitch. I only wish the battery life were a little better. So far I’m getting about two days per charge, but that’s only because I use it sparingly and put it to sleep when not in use. I can easily see going through a full charge in 4 hours without much effort. Having read the reviews about battery life prior to my purchase, I bought the car charger.

What Apple has created with this second version is nothing less than a true palmtop computer (I almost said PC there). Whether this model is a success or failure I can’t say, but it’s clear to me that Apple has correctly identified the future of the marketplace. In 5 years, everyone who has a cell phone will have something very much like the Apple iphone.

Personally, I’m hooked. Now if only Steve Jobs would open up his Apple hardware platform the way he opened his iphone to app developers, I might consider buying one of those one day.

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