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Christian Terrorists on the BBC (Again)

John on July 13, 2008 at 8:06 pm

Last week an episode of the BBC show Bonekickers (about a group of anthropologists) features a plot in which an extermist evangelical group beheads a Muslim. Yes, you read that right:

Yesterday the corporation admitted ‘regret’ that viewers had found the scene ‘inappropriate’, but defended its decision to show it.

Some viewers were taken aback when former EastEnders actor Paul Nicholls was seen in the drama hacking off a moderate Muslim’s head in an unprovoked attack.

He plays a member of the fictional White Wings Alliance, a group of far-Right evangelical Christians inspired by the Crusades.

I love it that it was a “moderate Muslim” who got decapitated. That’s perfect.

Regular VS readers may recall that this isn’t the first time the BBC has used evangelical terrorists in one of their dramas. They did it back in November 2006 with a show called Spooks. Not that the BBC is alone. In November 2007 the CBS drama Cold Case featured a group of Christian teens who stone a girl for having sex. NBCs Law & Order has had a number of episodes along these lines. I wrote about one in which a father murders his daughter’s biology teacher because he’d been teaching her evolution.

It goes almost without saying that Christians are a stand in for Muslims in many of these stories. The reasons for that are obvious.

[HT: Hot Air]

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