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Cartoon Crazy: A Rumble of Creeps

John on February 3, 2006 at 11:16 am

Cartoon craziness is sweeping Europe and the Middle East. My problem is that I genuinely dislike both sides in this war.

The Jihadists threatening terrorism and violence based on these pictures are part of a nasty death-cult with few (if any) redeeming features. I’m glad that Europeans (even Jacques Iraq) are finally getting tired of kowtowing to these monsters and their methods. As you can see here, I have no sympathy for the jihadists.

Then there’s the cartoonists. Just people drawing silly pictures, right? Not so fast. Most of the people in the European countries that created and republished those cartoons are secular humanists, i.e. people with a distatse for all religion not just Islam. Secularists have their own ideology and their own enemies list and up until now, conservative American Christians have been at the top of it. Based on current events, (the murder of Theo Van Gogh, etc.) it’s not surprising that some of them finally got around to bashing Islam, but that’s a fairly recent development.

So while I certainly don’t wish the jihadists any success, am I supposed to root for the secularists provocateurs? These are the same people producing anti-Christian everything including blue jeans. They’re the same sort of people who brought us piss-Christ and Corpus Christi and who, even now, are equating Osama with Jesus and making Britney Spears into a mockery of conservative Christianity. Trust me, when the secularists get tired (or scared) of bashing Islam, they’ll come right back to bashing Christianity.

No doubt the the jihadists are more murderous. They cut the throats of Christian teenage girls and just yesterday were lynching teen girls for having sex. The secularists don’t murder, they just bombard girls with Bratz dolls, Britney Spears, and condoms while simultaneously bombarding boys with Playboy, Grand Theft Auto and Jenna Jameson. These are the people that don’t want us to install porn filters on internet connections in the Children’s library. They’re the people who want girls to grow up uncertain whether they’ll marry a boy or a girl. In fact, they’re only too eager to see the end of marriage and the “nuclear family“, thereby insuring that more kids grow up in unstable, fatherless and dangerous homes, vulnerable to predators and each other.

Those are the warring factions in the cartoon craziness. Of course I’d rather have a 16 year old girl acting like a high school porn star than dead, if those are the options, but to be honest I’m not really that fond of either choice.

Just look at today’s news. Six churches were burned in Alabama yesterday. Who did it? Well it was either a) the Jihadists opening a new front or b) the militant secularists opening an old one. But there’s more news today: Muslim militants in the Philippines murdered a family including a 9-month old after stopping to ask if they were Christians (It’s not clear how the infant responded in the affirmative). It’s eerily reminiscent of the (atheist) Columbine killers who asked a similar question on their killing spree.

It’s also similar to what the gay bar shooter did before he unloaded and attempted to kill a bunch of people. I’m sure a lot of secularists were hoping the shooter would turn out to be a Christian reacting to Brokeback Mountain, but if the police are right, he’s a religion-hating secularist. In fact, if you want to see what secularism does to kids, check out the (alleged) shooter’s website and read the comments from his friends, one of whom calls him a hero.

This Reuters piece has it right. This is a war between a brand of Islam and a brand of Enlightenment secularism. Both sides have in common that when not bashing each other they tend to be bashing Christianity. I chose to be here in the middle getting hit from both sides so there’s no point whining about it. I’m used to turning the other cheek. Just don’t expect me to jump into the fray when the creeps on both sides start hitting each other for a change. When your enemies start a war, keep your head down and hope they both lose.

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