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Complete Mayhem

Cindy on June 27, 2008 at 1:05 pm

During the current UEFA Cup (European Soccer Championships) held in Austria, a power outage during gale force winds, knocked out approximately 18 minutes of the semi-final match between Germany and Turkey, which left over 30 million people across the globe with blank screens. The head of sports for German television station ZDF called it “the most infuriating malfunction imaginable.”

I can only imagine the complete mayhem, and barrage of foul language and slamming of beers onto tables as everything went black in living rooms, businesses, and pubs across the globe.

UEFA Cup is to the rest of the world as the the World Series, the NBA Finals, and Superbowl, all rolled into one are to Americans.

At this point, it looks like UEFA might be paying a huge fine for this. You’re right, they could not stop the gale-force winds from wrecking havoc upon the power lines, but UEFA acquired some €800 million ($1.25 billion) in proceeds from the broadcasting stations in 180 different countries. The wind knocked out the signal for a mere millisecond, but UEFA had to reboot their system over and over again, resulting in the loss of picture.

I guess trying to be a monopoly truly does have its downfalls.

And I would bet there is plenty of beer slamming and foul language flying through the boardrooms of UEFA just about now.

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