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Al Qaeda vs. TSA: Battle of Half-Wits

John on December 21, 2010 at 9:46 am

The battle for air security has become something like Spy vs. Spy from the old MAD magazine. It turns out that the TSA’s incompetence may be our final line of defense. Just as the bomber gets up and yells “Allahu Ackbar!” one of the passengers will discover, to his surprise, that he’d left a MAC 10 in his carry on. From Red State this morning:

If you’ve paid attention you’ve undoubtedly noticed the pattern in recent terror attacks, it’s incompetence on the part of the bombers. The underwear bomber, the Times Square bomber, the college kid who wanted to blow up a Christmas tree lighting in Oregon. But it turns out it’s not just one side of the equation struggling with incompetence. After all, the underwear bomber did get on the plane, despite a warning from his father he was dangerous. The printer bombs bound for the US also got on the planes and were only prevented from going off because the pilot made an unscheduled stop for fuel. Even after we had the bombs in hand it took 7 separate tests to detect the danger.

The war on terror has become a farce, a desperate battle between incompetents on both sides. Al Qaeda’s failure is easy to understand. After all, the job of “suicide bomber” is unlikely to attract the best and brightest. But the TSA agents who act as foot soldiers on our side don’t seem to be doing much better. With a 70% failure rate at “major airports” our safety really comes down to a roll of dice. And that’s with the humiliating regimen of techno-nudism and prison-style pat downs we now endure. God save us from whatever scheme would allow the TSA a 50% success rate.

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