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Top 15 Alternative Uses for Fingernail Polish

Cindy on June 23, 2008 at 7:44 pm

I am writing this particular post for a couple of reasons…

One, because I was dared to, and if you know me, you know that I possess a fair amount of the “competition gene”. The second reason is I am writing this is because I was given administrative privileges, which is just another way of saying…

…because I can!

All but two of these tips are intended for use with clear fingernail polish;

15. Transparent repair of your glasses, without using tape which gives you that nerdy look.

14. Apply to the ends of shoelaces and ribbons to keep from fraying.

13. Coat costume jewelry and belt buckles for a renewed sheen.

12. Apply over address labels to weatherproof.

11. Dab onto small holes or tears in window screens.

10. Apply onto bottom of metal cans (like shaving cream cans) to prevent rust stains in shower.

9. Draw a line (colored polish) inside a bucket to create a gauge line

8. Apply to screw before attaching to drawer/cabinet face to keep knobs from loosening.

7. Cover over the front of a button and thread on a shirt to keep button from falling off.

6. Dab onto run in pantyhose to keep it from spreading.

5. Coat toilette seats screws to keep them tight and prevent rusting.

4. Draw and decorate flower pots (colored polish).

3. Apply to a wart, supposedly kills it within a week.

2. Dab onto a chigger bite, to keep it from itching.

1. Apply liberally to your protocol droid to keep him shiny and new looking!

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