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Socialist Run on French Banks Fails to Collapse the System

John on December 8, 2010 at 4:30 am

I don’t know if you realized it or not but yesterday was empty-your-bank-accounts-and-collapse-the-system day in France. That’s not the official name (which seems to be Bank Run 2010) but that was the idea. It was proposed by ex-soccer player Eric Cantona in a video interview a few weeks ago (English subtitles at the very bottom):

YouTube Preview Image

The idea led to the creation of a website and a Facebook page naming yesterday, 12/07/10 as the date for the run. The page eventually had 150K fans which isn’t bad for two weeks, but it seems the reality of the run was somewhat more modest. A group of socialists who call themselves Save the Rich (it’s ironic, ya see) withdrew some cash dressed as criminals:

YouTube Preview Image

They then went across the street and deposited the money in another bank. Not sure that’s going to do much to collapse the system there guys. Still, it had the Euro-press talking. This clip is a bit long, but interesting as it mentions everything from George Soros to QE2:

YouTube Preview Image

Cantona is probably right that this would be a more efficient and less violent way to put an end to capitalism. It’s sort of an inverse John Galt move. I can hear Bill Ayers hashing out a new slogan now: Turn on, tune in, and bank out.

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