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Sounds Like Olbermann is Watching Red Eye

John on December 3, 2010 at 9:17 am

I don’t watch his show, but here’s how the Daily Caller describes Thursday’s episode:

This was a weird show overall, in fact: By my count, the word “unicorn” was uttered 6 times across three interviews. Keith read aloud the full text of a Nigerian scam e-mail. He gave the Vulcan salute. He made fun of Donald Trump’s hair, and played two random video clips of people falling down.

I do watch Red Eye and I’m pretty sure Greg Gutfeld gets a quarter anytime someone mentions a unicorn on TV. Of course the real difference is that Red Eye is funny on purpose and Keith is just funny.

Bonus: KO is now in a spat with Bristol Palin. They say water finds its own level…

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