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Democrats Invert Reality on Wright and Wrong

John on June 3, 2008 at 10:51 am

Someone named Sheldon Schorer of Democrats Abroad Israel has a piece in the Jerusalem Post that is surely designed to invert reality for those readers who don’t know what’s actually happening here in the US:

To assist in the selection, the American voter is entitled – even obligated – to inquire into the vision and the character of the respective candidates. The best way, and the right way, is to examine the candidates themselves: to hear their approach to the issues and the problems and their proposed method of dealing with these problems. This is the high road. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has, in the past, and continues to date, to take the low road: to seek advantage by disparaging the Democratic candidate with rumor and innuendo.

Something the Democrats would never, ever do of course. They would never try to stop a candidate by, say, starting a whisper campaign about the return of the draft or the end of social security.

The connection between Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama still leads some to suspect that Obama may not be the best friend of Israel. I wonder if you are as tired of this old charge as I am. After all, didn’t Obama clarify the situation and denounce his former cleric? Hasn’t he left his church precisely because of his disagreement?

Well, that’s simplifying the story quite a bit. At first, he refused to repudiate Wright, saying he was like a crazy old uncle who just had to be taken with a grain of salt. Only weeks later, after Wright once again suggested that AIDS was created by a racist US government to kill black people did Obama repudiate the man. A few more weeks passed and (yesterday) he did finally renounce membership in Wright’s church. But, so far as I know, he didn’t leave over Israel specifically. Anyone paying attention can see he left because it has hurt him politically.

The Republicans would be well warned that character assassination is a sword that can cut both ways. The very charge of association with unsavory clerics has also brought discomfort to John McCain, who recently repudiated his association with the fundamentalist Christian cleric, John Hagee who made statements that are offensive to Jews. McCain has also repudiated his association with the cleric Rod Parsley, an Ohio preacher, who had gone on record offending Islam.

So, now that he’s scolded Republicans for guilt-by-association, he wants to take time to let readers know of some guilt-by-association attacks on John McCain. Not that it means anything you understand, but people need to know…

Of course, there is a significant difference between the charge against Obama and McCain. The Republicans disparaged Obama by associating him with Louis Farrakhan by associating him with Pastor Wright – thus creating an association where no real association existed. McCain, on the other hand, demonstrated poor judgment by having actively sought the endorsement of the clerics he now repudiates.

First off, Republicans didn’t associate Farrakhan with Wright. Wright’s church gave Farrakhan an award. To use Mr. Schorer’s own phrase, they sought him out. And, until yesterday, it wasn’t just Wright’s church it was Obama’s church as well. That’s a real association, Sheldon.

The real difference between McCain and Obama is that McCain likely didn’t know all that Hagee stood for when he approached him. He had not, after all, had a long association with the man or his church. They were in effect strangers. Obama on the other hand spent 20 years sitting in Wright’s pews. He knew exactly who he was and what he’d said over the years. And he proudly displayed Wright’s endorsement on his website up until a few weeks ago.

Tarring McCain with Hagee is the low road. That association is a few weeks old. Obama and Wright had a real, significant long term relationship, one that speaks volumes about who Barack and Michelle Obama really are.

Update: Speaking of taking the high road. The classy liberals over at Huff Post show us how, calling Senator McCain — a man who survived years of torture as a POW — a “coward”. I don’t know him, but something tells me the author of this put down wouldn’t have lasted a day in the Hanoi Hilton.

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