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Jimmy Carter: North Korean Dictators Deserve Our Respect

John on November 26, 2010 at 11:08 am

Wherever there is a tyrannical government in trouble, you’ll find Jimmy Carter there to defend them. Case in point, his op-ed on behalf of North Korea, published Wednesday in the Post. It begins:

No one can completely understand the motivations of the North Koreans, but it is entirely possible that their recent revelation of their uranium enrichment centrifuges and Pyongyang’s shelling of a South Korean island Tuesday are designed to remind the world that they deserve respect in negotiations that will shape their future.

Every word of this paragraph is false, willfully ignorant or humiliatingly stupid. Take your pick. For starters, the motivations of the North Koreans are perfectly transparent. They run a backwards communist dictatorship which survives by starving its people, counterfeiting US $100 bills, and saber rattling until we agree to bail them out for a few more years. So the fact that they are once again threatening nuclear enrichment and war against the south is the most predictable course of events imaginable.

The idea that this murderous, monstrous regime deserves “respect” from anyone is likely the most disgusting thing Carter has written in a long career of statements defending the world’s worst regimes. But it’s the use of the plural here that really infuriates, e.g. “their future.” Who are they? Who in the North Korean system has any say about their future other than Kim Jong-il? If Carter can answer that question he deserves another Nobel prize.

As we speak, the North Koreans have gulags set up in which prisoners, including children, are starved or worked to death for the “crimes” of their parents or grandparents. Only a handful of prisoners have escaped these gulags, but the stories they tell of brutality and torture are horrifying:

YouTube Preview Image

All Carter has done is perpetuate a crime against humanity under the pretense of peace. It’s a sick individual who puts the welfare of dictators above that of the people he dominates. But that appears to be Jimmy Carter’s one true legacy.

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