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Bomb Factory Discovered in Escondido, CA

John on November 24, 2010 at 12:39 pm

This story isn’t getting a lot of national attention. A guy in Escondido, CA was arrested after several pounds of home-made high explosive were found in his basement:

A San Diego County man accused of robbing banks and having the largest cache of homemade explosive compounds ever found in one spot on U.S. soil was ordered by a judge Monday to remain in custody on $5 million bail.George Djura Jakubec, 54, pleaded not guilty to 12 felony counts of possessing destructive devices and 14 counts of possessing ingredients to make destructive devices, along with two bank robbery charges…

Investigators with the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department also came across other explosive compounds known by the acronyms of ETN and PETN, the prosecutor said.PETN was the highly volative explosive used by the shoe bomber in 2001, the underwear bomber and in last month’s cargo plane plot where computer printers loaded with the explosive were placed on planes bound for the United States…

HMTD is made by mixing a liquid solution of hydrogen peroxide and hexamine with citric acid of sulfuric acid. The explosive was found in the dwelling of terrorism suspects who in 2006 plotted to detonate liquid explosives on at least 10 airplanes traveling from the United Kingdom to the United States and Canada.

The obvious question is what did he plan to do with it? So far, no one is saying.

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