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TSA Confiscates Camera of Woman Who Filmed Latest Outrage

John on November 21, 2010 at 10:19 am

From the Examiner via Gateway Pundit, another TSA outrage from this weekend:

the defendant, Sam Wolanyk says he was asked to pass through the 3-D x-ray machine. When Wolanyk refused, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel told him he would have to be patted down before he could pass through and board his airplane.

Wolanyk said he knew what was coming and took off his pants and shirt, leaving him in Calvin Klein bike undergarments.

“It was obvious that my underwear left nothing to the imagination,” he explained. “But that wasn’t enough for the TSA supervisor who was called to the scene and asked me to put my clothes on so I could be properly patted down.”

They then marched him through two terminals in his underwear and charged him with two misdemeanors, including one for recording the situation on his iPhone. But here’s the really disturbing part:

there was another arrest of a woman who was allegedly illegally filming the x-ray, and TSA screening process with a video camera. The young woman’s camera was confiscated and she was given a citation and released from Harbor Police custody.

Taking someone’s camera/phone because they film the TSA’s behavior is a step too far. I’m sure there’s a sensible reason for this policy, but in this case it’s being used to protect the TSA and its stupid policies from further online humiliation. This isn’t about security of the process, which is visible to anyone nearby, it’s about shutting people up. I don’t care for that sort of behavior from anyone, especially a government agency. This comes very close to government censorship.

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