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Japan not Exiting Iraq?

John on February 1, 2006 at 11:41 am

Two days ago I wrote a post which seemed to be a substantial scoop at the time. The AP, Reuters, etc. had not picked up on it yet. I even sent this scoop to a couple of the big blogs I frequent.

Today, the same news service which announced the pullout has a sort of, kind of retraction:

Japan has no plans now to withdraw its ground troops from southern Iraq by the end of May, a Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Wednesday, denying a Kyodo News report which gave a specific timeframe for the troops’ pullout. ”Nothing has been decided at the current moment,” Yoshinori Katori, the ministry’s press secretary, told a news conference.

What’s really odd is that the story from the Japan Times which I linked to in my previous post (see update 2) is gone completely. That story made mention of a “secret meeting on Jan. 23rd.” I can only guess at this point, but I’d say this sounds more like a plugged leak than a mistake.

If this is some kind of national security issue, my inclination is to drop it. In fact, if someone in a position to do so wants these posts gone as well, they’ll find me receptive. Citizen journalism is great, but we are at war. Unlike some in the MSM, I’m clear about which side I’m on.

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