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Voluntary Human Extinction: Global Suicide Cult

John on May 12, 2008 at 6:29 pm

Just last week I wrote a post called The Secular State’s Slow-Motion Suicide in which I noted:

The correlation of secularism and increased suicide rates is well established. Occasionally, we see the personal impetus toward suicide spill into the news when some over-zealous professor is found either relishing or spelling out a grand plan for social suicide.

And here, not quite a week later, another example of what I had in mind comes to my attention. Les U. Knight (not a real name I’m fairly certain) leads a loose movement whose goal is, well, I’ll let him explain it:

“We’ve already exceeded Earth’s carrying capacity for humans by quite a bit,” Knight told WND. “We are using up our resources. The best way to stop it is by not breeding. It’s really the best way because the people we don’t create don’t exist, and so there’s no impact on them.”

His plan for popularizing his message involves “indoctrination” starting at birth:

“It’s an idea, and it’s not transferred genetically,” he said. “We aren’t born knowing we should go extinct; we have to learn it. We don’t need to create new humans in order to indoctrinate them from birth. All of us come from breeding couples, and yet we’ve decided not to breed.”

Of course he won’t be around to reach the promised land:

“The ultimate goal is one I will never see,” Knight said. “I will never see the day that there are no humans on the planet.”

Knight’s personal page says his religious orientation is “Eclectic. “Golden Rule” of Christianity, the Tao, and nice stuff like that.” So, you know, he leads a really touchy, feely global suicide cult. So I guess we should be glad for that.

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