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Making President Bush Fade into the Background and Disappear

John on May 11, 2008 at 8:33 am

Jim Young is an obviously talented Reuters photojournalist. If you read the news you’ve likely seen some of his work, like this shot…

That said, I think it’s possible that Mr. Young is getting a bit bored with his assignment. Specifically, this photo from May 7th (which I’m dubbing the “headless President”) makes me wonder if that is the case.

What exactly is the news value here? Is Mr. Young just trying to entertain himself?

A quick search of Yahoo’s news photo archive showed that this is just the most recent in a line of Jim Young photos where the President seems to be more background element than foreground. Call it the incredible disappearing President Bush:

Mr. Young seems a lot more attentive to other subjects, such as LeBron James and Pamela Anderson. Neither of them appear as tiny background specks or slivers.

So I guess my question is…What’s the point? Is there one? Specifically, why is Reuters selecting these odd photos of the President for release to the world? Sort of makes me wonder if they aren’t intrigued by the idea of seeing the President fade into the background and, as the headless President photo suggests, finally just disappear.

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