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Joel Stein: Give the Kids Porn

John on January 31, 2006 at 11:13 pm

Joel Stein seems desperate to fill the void left at the LA Times by the departure of left wing kook Robert Scheer. Last week, Stein caused quite a stir with his piece which began, “I don’t support our troops.” This week he has a new piece lambasting the LA city attorney for filing suit against the company which produces Grand Theft Auto.

Stein’s point is that kids are already looking at porn and extreme cinematic violence. How silly, he tut-tuts, to worry about animated porn in the midst of everything else kids are facing. And besides, it’s all part of being a teen.

Stein seems to have something of a fixation with porn himself. His biography ends with “Joel touches his first fake breast” and he has written about getting sex advice from porn stars, lesbians and Playboy TV for Time magazine. Oh, did I mention that in the same article he gets sex advice from his mom?

Then there’s his earlier piece about the Museum of Sex. On the occasion of his engagement he wrote a piece which began:

I didn’t want to get married because, basically, I don’t like thinking any further into the future than what I’m going to eat and how I’m going to get sex.

Are you seeing a pattern?

It’s cute schtick. I’m just saying, maybe Joel Stein isn’t the guy to give us advice on how to raise teens…or run a war for that matter.

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