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How to Poison a Child’s Mind by the New Yorker’s Nancy Franklin

John on November 11, 2010 at 10:53 am

Of all the stupid things that liberals have said about Sarah Palin, one of the most egregiously moronic is the claim that Palin is a monster for not welcoming Joe McGinniss with open arms when he moved in to the house next door. This is a man who has already compared Palin to the Nazi’s on national television. And yet, somehow, he’s the rational one.

Case in point, Nancy Franklin. Franklin is a TV critic for the New Yorker and someone who continues to see McGinniss as the victim of Palin’s existence:

The scene, it turns out, is really just an excuse to bring up a subject that infuriates her: the writer Joe McGinniss, who is working on an unauthorized biography of Palin, has naughtily rented the house next door. Palin’s husband, Todd, ambles onscreen and explains that “our summer has kind of been taken away from us” by this. Palin adds proudly that Todd and his buddies have put up a fourteen-foot-high fence.

Naughty Joe McGinniss. This is just one big fraternity prank to the professional left. Franklin returns to McGinniss a paragraph later:

When they arrive back home, Palin attempts to poison Piper’s little mind with her mean-girl attitude. “See, we one-upped him, Piper,” she says of McGinniss. “We had a good day. And he’s stuck in his house.” (Actually, the camera finds him sitting outside on his porch, reading a book.)

Notice that last parenthetical. I could be wrong, but I think Ms. Franklin is one-upping Sarah Palin. Does that make her a mean girl too? But it’s not enough to criticize Palin for reacting to Joe McGinniss’ invasion of her privacy, it’s necessary to label her a bad parent as well. Just to be clear, this is Nancy Franklin’s recipe for poisoning a child’s mind:

  • A man who thinks your mother is a monster moves in next door.
  • Rather than sit home and stew about it, mom takes the family out for the day.
  • Upon returning home, mom says you’ve had a little triumph by refusing to feel like a prisoner in your own home.
  • Wham-o! You’ve just poisoned a little mind.

I’m sure you can all see it, right? It’s insidious! No? Sounds sort of healthy to you? Yeah, actually, that’s exactly what I would expect a healthy parent to do.

I wonder what would happen if I decided to move next door to Nancy Franklin? I’m a nice guy, albeit not a fan. Do you think, after reading this critique of her work, she would welcome me to the neighborhood with open arms? What if I told her I was there to interview her neighbors about her lifestyle and personal history? What if I told her I wanted to learn more about her days at Smith College? Would she still welcome me over for Tea? (That’s a little pun.) If soon after I arrived I put up a post comparing Nancy Franklin to Joseph Goebbels, would she still be okay with that? And, most significantly, would she mind if I took up a location on my property from which I could see into her house day and night? Would she perhaps leave the windows open?

If that all sounds pretty creepy, well, it does to me too. But that’s exactly what Joe McGinniss has actually done to the Palins. I wonder why Nancy Franklin doesn’t get it.

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