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Curing Cancer and Solving the World’s Energy Crisis?

John on May 6, 2008 at 3:31 pm

Is it possible that one man with no advanced degrees might do both? Sounds nutty. When a friend recently sent me a link to a story about “burning saltwater” I was very skeptical. Here’s the story I saw:

YouTube Preview Image

Since then, scientific experts have confirmed that John’s radio wave machine is indeed separating hydrogen from saltwater. What remains to be seen if whether the process is efficient enough to be a source of energy [highly doubtful] or perhaps just a more efficient means of desalinization:

NREL’s Sverdrup said scientists will need to evaluate the energy costs of the process. Energy is required to bind salt water’s chemical bonds and water molecules, he noted.

“If hydrogen and oxygen are liberated, sufficient energy to break those chemical bonds has to be put into that system,” he explained.

But it turns out this may be John Kanzius lesser contribution to science. His original intention was to create a radio wave machine which could burn out cancer cells which had been seeded with metal nano-particles. The idea is so promising that cancer researchers at two separate universities have already shown the principle works with animals.

60 Minutes did a story on the caner research just last month. You can watch their story here. It really does seem incredibly promising. John Kanzius has set up a foundation to raise money for the research. You can visit the website here.

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