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When Rosie Agrees with You…RUN!

Scott on May 6, 2008 at 2:49 pm

Thank goodness that Rosie O’Donnell has chimed in on the whole Barack Obama – Rev. Wright controversy. I was kind of lost and not sure what to think before she decided to chime in. (end sarcasm)

Surprise, surprise…Rosie AGREES with Jeremiah Wright! Shocker!

But what it came to, boil down to in his [the Rev. Wright] mind is the fact that, you know, this man is, is following a tradition of black preachers and that there is a righteous indignation about people who were only considering three-fourths a person until fairly recently in our history. And that his anger, which annoys some and forces some to look at issues that America is not really ready to face, is the actual issue. That racism does exist in this country and it’s still thriving. And some of the things that Jeremiah Wright says he’s held accountable for and Oprah- not Oprah- Obama is held accountable for. But there are things that white preachers said that are just as insane

Really, Rosie? America is NOT really ready to face the issue of racism? What is it that has been happening since the 1950′s in this country? Have you heard of the civil rights movement? How about desegregation? I guess those don’t count? Thanks, Rosie. Good to know.

And just out of curiosity, what about Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Maya Angelou, Vanessa Williams, Denzel Washington, Michael Jordon, Walter Payton, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…And don’t forget Condoleezza Rice and Barack Obama. I guess those are all just anomalies, exceptions to the rule that America isn’t ready to face the trouble of racism. Once again, thanks! Good to know!

Here’s a partial transcript of the Today Show interview:

O’DONNELL: … I was not as offended as people in the polls that I read. I listen to him, and frankly, it made sense to me. I totally understood what he was saying…

GIFFORD: Which part makes sense to you?

O’DONNELL: It made sense that-

GIFFORD: That we introduced AIDS into the black community?

O’DONNELL: But Kathy you know what it’s like for someone to pull one quote out of context for you. He was comparing it to when the government did give syphilis to black Americans for 40 years. What he was saying is in his history, in his genetic memory, he knows what it’s like for the government to infect his own people. Because he lived through those Tuskagee experiments.

A few things to point out here -

1. There is no “proper context” in which Rev. Wright’s accusations about AIDS makes sense. It doesn’t matter when or where he said it. It is crazy talk. That makes sense to you, Rosie?

2. You CANNOT connect the Tuskagee experiments to AIDS, ever! What happened to the men that were intentionally infected with syphilis in Tuskagee was horrible beyond belief. I agree. But the Good Rev. isn’t saying that the government tested AIDS on blacks. He is saying that the government INVENTED AIDS to kill blacks. There is a HUGE difference, and the difference isn’t too subtle.

3. The Rev. Wright didn’t “live through those Tuskagee experiments.” He lived in middle class and upper middle class surroundings, went to good schools all the way around and pretty much lived the life of a spiritual academic. What he has in common with the men in Tuskagee is that they were black and he is black. That would be like saying that I know what it is like for my people to be oppressed by the government and to be starved for food because 150+ years ago my ancestors came to this country from Ireland during the worst of the potato famine! The only thing I have in common with my Irish immigrant ancestors is that they were white and so am I. Nothing more.

Rosie seems to believe that if an opinion on a “black issue” is expressed, it must be valid and considered if that opinion is expressed by a black man or woman. No thought to the logic or validity. If it came from a black person there must be validity to it.

This is nonsense and insanity, Ms. O’Donnell. Insanity! You have proven once again that you are a complete and total nut job!

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