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A Change of Names

John on January 31, 2006 at 7:34 pm

When I started blogging about a year ago I picked the name Foyle, a favorite literary character, under which to write. At the time I felt comfortable doing so, or perhaps I should say I felt slightly uncomfortable using my own name.

This blog has grown significantly over the last several months. Given that most of our material was ported over from our old blog under a different URl, Verum Serum has really only existed for three months. In that time, we’ve had links from Michelle Malkin, Wizbang and several other high profile sites. We’ve gone from being Insignificant Microbes in the TTLB ecosystem to Crawly Amphibians.

With this modicum of success has come added confidence. My desire to be one step away from what I write here has diminished to nearly zero. In addition, similar decisions to drop pseudonyms at blogs I read (such as the A-Team blog) have caused me to wonder what the point is.

Finally, today I had a conversation with another blogger who I respect and he urged me to consider dropping the pseudonyms. After speaking with my blogging partner here at VS we’ve decided that it’s time to retire Foyle and Strider and just become John and Scott. I will be changing the post names for our user IDs, so that should change the name on most of the posts. It’s possible you might see the old names in some old posts, I probably won’t bother to correct them all.

Thanks to those bloggers who have supported us and helped us grow, we’re moving out of adolescence.

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