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May Day Mayhem in Olympia, Washington

John on May 2, 2008 at 1:29 pm

Yesterday was May Day, an annual orgy of leftist protest and street theater. In Olympia, Washington a contingent of black-clad anarchists turned it into a rock-throwing, police-wrassling, building-tagging, state-house-occupying, semi-violent riot:

A celebration of the rights of workers and immigrants turned ugly Thursday afternoon, as a smattering of May Day marchers clad in black from head to toe threw rocks through windows at two downtown Olympia banks.

The vandalism, which occurred while the banks were open with customers and employees inside, led to a violent confrontation between police and some demonstrators. In a separate incident Thursday, participants in May Day activities defaced the inside of the Capitol with anarchist symbols.

Six people were arrested and are facing charges for various things including assault on police officers.

Video of the march can be found here. Below are a few images of the rioters:

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