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Michael Moore Offers the “Black Rage” Defense of Rev. Wright

John on May 2, 2008 at 11:23 am

Michael Moore was on Larry King last night. Among other things, he spent some time justifying the words of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on grounds of “black rage.” You can see the exchange here:

YouTube Preview Image

For those who can’t stand the site of Mike Moore, here’s the relevant excerpt:

“[Y]ou have to ask yourself, Larry, what’s it like to be black in America? And what kind of rage would you feel? And if you did feel that rage, what kind of things would you say that, at times, would be outrageous, crazy even, because you’ve had to live through this for so long. And I do not believe, as a white guy, that I am in any position to judge a black man who has had to live through that.”

Of course this is (once again) Marxism in action. The suffering of the proletariat justifies their violent overthrow of the bourgeoisie. It has become something of a theme in liberal politics of late. Of course, it assumes that Rev. Wright has suffered a great deal in America. Here I think opinions can differ.

According to several sources he grew up in a nice section of town with good schools:

Wright was born in Philadelphia in 1941. He lived in a racially mixed section called Germantown, which consisted of homes on broad tree-lined streets in northwest Philadelphia. The owners then were middle-class families.


Rather than attend the more racially mixed Germantown High School at 40 East High St., Wright traveled a few miles to the elite Central High School at 1700 West Olney Ave., graduating in 1959. Opened in 1838, Central High has a distinguished past and admits only highly-qualified applicants who are privileged to attend from all over the city. It is comparable to the Bronx High School of Science and Boston Latin School, both public schools known for academic excellence.

When Wright attended Central High, the student body was 90 percent white, according to students who attended around the same time. At least three-quarters of the students were Jewish. Former students of the period say racial tension did not exist.

Bill Cosby, who attended the school until transferring to Germantown High, has referred to Central as a “wonderful” school. In contrast to Wright, Cosby has denounced blacks who take refuge in self-pitying victimhood and seek to blame whites for problems in the black community.

“Central High was a marvelous academic environment,” says Tod Mammuth, who graduated in 1965 and is now a Philadelphia-area lawyer. “You had to have high academic credentials to be accepted and a high IQ score. Many later said it was more rigorous than college. We had no racial friction.”

All of this seems to have served Wright well. According to this piece in the New Yorker:

Wright, who drives a Porsche…

He also reportedly owns a home worth more than $700K in an area of the country where property values are not especially high. In short, his background seems relatively privileged and his present situation even more so. That’s not to say there aren’t black Americans who could make a good case for justifiable “rage” based on their life circumstances. I’m sure there are. I’m not sure Jeremiah Wright is one of them, or ever has been.

Of course such details don’t matter to a professional demagogue like Michael Moore. All he’s interested in is skin color. That’s not progress in my book.

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