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South Carolina Bomb Plotter Wants to “Kill Jesus”

John on April 30, 2008 at 9:12 am

I didn’t write about this when it broke because all the news outlets had the same scant information on Ryan Schallenberger. Basically, here’s what we know:

  • He wasn’t a loner, but a strong A student with plans to go to college.
  • He had plans to create “Columbine III” at his high school.
  • He wrote copiously in journals in which he lauded the Columbine killers.
  • He created a cassette tape which was intended to be played after his death.
  • His parents sought an evaluation for him after he put his head through a wall.
  • His parents called police when 10lbs. (some sources say 20lbs) of Ammonium Nitrate was delivered to their house by the postal service.

But now some further similarity to Columbine is coming out. Apparently, Schallenberger had some enlightening things to say after his arrest:

“He said death was better than life,” Craig Townsend said. “He told the sheriff he wanted to die and go to heaven and once he got there, he wanted to kill Jesus.”

Very much the same attitude toward Christianity displayed by the Columbine killers. The same as Pekka-Eric Auvinen as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he spoke favorably of Hitler, since that seems to be part of the package.

I imagine the FBI has a nice profile of these kids at this point. Looking for kids who were bullied isn’t enough. There’s a specific philosophical outlook in these cases that needs to be noted.

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