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Ellmers Wins Despite Ham-Fisted Attack on Her Faith by Anderson Cooper

John on November 3, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Remember when Anderson Cooper went for the kill on Catholic Republican candidate Renee Ellmers? He suggested, among other things, that the Vatican was a “victory mosque.” When she refudiated this silly statement, he became outraged. Looks like it didn’t pay off in this case:

Although a recount is possible, in the latest numbers, Republican challenger and political newcomer Renee Ellmers defeated Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge in the Second Congressional District in North Carolina on Tuesday.

According to the election results as of press time, Ellmers scored 50% of the vote compared to 49% of the vote for Etheridge.  Tom Rose, the Libertarian Party candidate received around 2% of the vote.

Votes may be recounted, but the official count for Ellmers was 91,924 compared to 89,829 for Etheridge and 3,419 for Rose.

I wonder if Anderson’s head did a 360 when he saw this?

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