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Meme Swappage Continues

Scott on January 31, 2006 at 11:24 am

John challenged me perform this little exercise, and far be it from me not to accept an honorably presented challenge. So,…here goes nothing:

Four Jobs I’ve Had:

1. Line Server at a gourmet cafeteria-style lunch spot, 1983-84
2. Early-morning delivery driver for a bakery (3 a.m.-10 a.m. – ugh!), 1985
3. Operations Manager at a Southern California Nautilus health club, 1989
4. Director of Marketing and Public Relations for a real estate company, 1993-94

Four Places I’ve Lived:

1. Seattle/Edmonds, WA (born and raised)
2. Newberg, OR (REALLY small town outside of Portland)
3. Azusa, CA
4. Huntington Beach, CA

Four Vacations I’ve Taken:

1. Driving Vacation, 1983 (through WA, OR, CA, UT, ID)
2. Florida and Carribean Cruise, 1992 (honeymoon)
3. Egypt, 1994
4. Hawaii, 2003

Four Vehicles I’ve Owned:

1. 1976 Datsun B210 (dark green)
2. 1983 Mazda GLC (BRIGHT orange)
3. 1992 Nissan Sentra SX (burgandy)
4. 1998 Ford F150 Truck (white)

Four People I Would Like To See Answer This:

1. My wife
2. My Friend Nate (the Mighty Red One)
3. Any pastor from my home church, Seabreeze
4. Any blonde who happens to read this

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