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Abortion Man!

John on April 25, 2008 at 10:27 am

Michelle Malkin notes a new comedy skit posted on You Tube by Damon Wayans. The skit, titled Abortion Man, is crude in a Mad TV sort of way but strikes me as a fairly effective satire of the abortion-as-birth-control mindset. Mild content warning:

YouTube Preview Image

Note that the idea of an “superhero for choice” is not original to Wayans. Planned Parenthood of San Francisco created this cartoon more than a year ago (It’s long and slow, just skip midway for a sample).

Apparently, some people aren’t too sure this is satire. Nothing surprises me anymore, but I’d say all the signs are there. Beating up the mother? The super-symbol with a baby crossed out. Not very subtle. Based on this, I’d guess that Wayans is pro-life. And unless I’m badly misjudging this I think Abortion Man should remain on You Tube for a long time to come.

Planned Parenthood’s racism and disregard for the law are well documented. They build clinics in black neighborhoods and of the million or so abortions carried out every year, nearly a third are on black women. There are protests of PP’s racist agenda being held today at their Washington DC offices. This is a movement that deserves to thrive.

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