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What Media Bias? CBS Reporters Joke About How Best to Smear Joe Miller

John on October 31, 2010 at 9:45 am

Reporters from an Alaskan CBS affiliate call the Miller campaign and fail to hang up the phone after leaving a message. As a result, Miller’s spokesman had a long recording on his phone in which the CBS reporters joke about how to use their positions to damage Miller’s campaign:

YouTube Preview Image

The default position is always this: Yes, reporters are mostly liberals, but it doesn’t affect their coverage. Sorry, but that’s nonsense. People who joke about finding the child molester in the crowd in order to tar the campaign are not going to deliver the news, they’re going to deliver propaganda. [HT: Big Journalism]

Update: Via Hot Air, Politico has this craptastic denial from the CBS affiliate:

The group of KTVA news personnel was reviewing potential “what-if” scenarios, discussing the likelihood of events at the rally and how KTVA might logistically disseminate any breaking news.”

Bever continues, “The perception that this garbled, out of context recording may leave is unfortunate, but to allege that our staff was discussing or planning to create or fabricate stories regarding candidate Miller is absurd. The complete conversation was about what others might be able to do to cause disruption within the Miller campaign, not what KTVA could do.”

Listen to the clip again. Note that when a female reporter suggests a registered sex offender may atttend the Miller event, a male reporter replies “You have to find that one person…” Sorry, but I don’t see how you spin your way out of this one.

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