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Comments Caught in a Web of Spam

John on April 23, 2008 at 8:13 am

Just a quick note of apology to some of you who may have lost comments to our over-eager spam catcher, Akismet, in the last few days. I suspected there was a problem last night when PRCalDude put up a comment that just read “test.” Keith confirmed for me this morning by e-mail that he was indeed unable to post a comment. Sure enough I found them in the spam catcher. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to save any that were caught before yesterday evening as these were cleared when I “took out the spam.”

This is about the second time this has happened in about 3-4 months. It seems like every time I upgrade Akismet, we have this problem. The weird thing is that none of the e-mails that were caught were in the least bit suspicious. Not a link among them.

Anyway, I apologize to anyone who lost e-mails. I’ve noted the pattern now, i.e. Akismet screws up regularly. I think I’ll just start to pass on upgrades and in the meantime keep a better watch on the spam folder.

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