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UN Group on Women’s Rights Overtaken by Islamic Nations

John on October 28, 2010 at 1:26 pm

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch let’s the UN Human Rights Council have a piece of his mind:

YouTube Preview Image

The video comes from UN: Dhimmi, which notes that the UN has perpetrated a new outrage, allowing Iran and Saudi Arabia to sit on, and indeed take control of, a newly formed board designed to address human rights for women:

The pattern is clear. The OIC and NAM use their disproportionate voting power, the sympathetic credulity of the mainstream media and the inert selfishness of the developed nations to gain power on strategic councils and committees. They then subvert them and turn them to serve their own selfish interests and narratives.

So now what can we expect, as it does the same for women’s rights? Honour killings, FGM, forced and underage marriages, repressive dress codes, discrimination and the chattel status of women in Islam? Fuggedaboudit.

The only things you will be able to hear from the newly Islamised women’s rights group are the sounds of crickets chirping, tumbleweed tumbling; and the self-congratulatory cries of ‘Alahu Akbar’!

Anyone who sees the UN as the model for world harmony is kidding themselves.

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