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Michael Moore – Hillary Clinton – Pot – Kettle – yadda yadda yadda!

Scott on April 21, 2008 at 1:45 pm

Michael Moore has endorsed Barack Obama while at the same time, speaking of Obama’s rival Hillary Clinton, saying:

“…the actions and words of Hillary Clinton have gone from being merely disappointing to downright disgusting.”

I don’t know if Moore’s endorsement is a good thing or a bad thing for Obama and/or Clinton. It just seems funny that he feels he is in any position to judge the validity and relative level of “disgustingness” in relation to things put out by Clinton and her campaign.

I mean, he is Michael Moore – the guy who has never met an issue he couldn’t twist, exploit, and lie about in the name of forwarding his interests.

Isn’t Michael Moore criticizing Hillary Clinton kind of like Louis Farrakhan criticizing David Duke and calling him a racist!?!?

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