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Obama Admits Health Reform Law Was Just a Framework

John on October 28, 2010 at 9:58 am

Last night the President appeared on Jon Stewart’s show. I didn’t watch (there’s only so much bromance I can take), but it turns out the President did say something important (jump to about 8:30 for the good part):

The President now says health reform is just a framework, one which will grow over time like Social Security has since its inception. Here’s how that might look on a chart:

According to the President, that’s the future of health reform. It’ll just expand over time. What matters is the framework has now been put in place to allow that growth.

Funny, because we were saying the same thing for most of a year. But back before the bill became law, the President was very clear that anyone who suggested this was a gradual government takeover was a liar. Here he is saying so, along with lots of evidence to the contrary:

YouTube Preview Image

We knew the President wasn’t telling the truth back then. Every time the President promised “if you like the plan you have now, you can keep it” he was telling, at best, half the truth. Every time he said it was about “choice and competition” he was being dishonest. This was always a framework for change. Canadian-style single-payer is what they’ve always wanted and it’s what they still want.

We reached out to various reporters trying to get them to cover the story of the public option and explain to people why it was so important to liberals on Capitol Hill. Despite the fact that the public option was the center of the controversy for months, no one would touch it. And so, with the exception of a couple editorials and talk radio, no one informed Americans that health reform was, from its inception, designed to engulf the private system over time. Other than Glenn Beck’s show and a few other places, none of those video clips of people admitting the real plan ever appeared on TV. But now we have one final clip to add to our collection, the one above of the President admitting we were right.

President Obama says he’ll keep pushing to expand health control as long as he’s in office. That sounds like a great reason to make sure he only gets one term.

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