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Meme Swappage

John on January 31, 2006 at 1:03 am

Scott over at Magic Statistics tagged me with this little diversion:

Four Jobs You’ve Had:

  1. Drive Thru Guy, McDonalds, 1985
  2. Mason Tender, 1989
  3. Systems Administrator, Social Security Admin.
  4. Assistant to the Pastor, Seabreeze Church

Four Places You’ve Lived:

  1. Washington, DC
  2. Vienna, Virginia
  3. Blacksburg, Virginia
  4. Huntington Beach, CA

Four Vacations You’ve Taken:

  1. Disneyland, 1980 (from Virginia)
  2. Santa Monica, 1995 (from Virginia)
  3. Cross Country Drive, 1997 (from Virginia)
  4. Hawaii, 2000 (from California – see above)

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned:

  1. 1982 Honda CR400 (not much of a bike, but a babe magnet nonetheless)
  2. 1984 Ford Mustang (orange!)
  3. 1990 Honda CRX (fun!)
  4. 2005 Nissan Quest Minivan (and that’s a man’s life in a nutshell)

Four People I’d Like to See Answer This

  1. My fellow blogger Scott
  2. Mark at Conservative Culture
  3. Honestly, I’m out of names
  4. Um…my neighbor’s cat

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