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Juan Williams Hits Back at NPR, Krauthammer Confronts Totenberg

John on October 24, 2010 at 1:22 am

Juan was publicly humiliated so that the liberals at NPR could remind themselves of their own superiority:

I wonder if even some honest liberals see in this case what a lot of conservatives see, that all this high-sounding talk about standards and integrity is nonsense. If you want to what integrity looks like, watch Charles Krauthammer take what he said on Fox the other night and say it to Nina Totenbergs’s face.

Nina of course has no answer. What’s most amusing about this clip though is the attempt by the other liberals on the panel to protect her, despite the fact that they have no rational explanation for NPR’s behavior either. They know who the good guy is in this little drama, even if they can’t begin to explain why:

What NPR claims is integrity is, in fact, the very opposite. Real integrity would be an equal application of the rules to all parties. Clearly that’s not going to happen.

And here’s the real moral of this story, the one the public will take away from it: Journalistic integrity doesn’t exist to protect the public from bias, it exists to protect bias from the public.

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