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Virginia Tech: One Year Later

John on April 16, 2008 at 12:01 am

It has been one year since the shootings that killed 32 people in two separate incidents on the Va Tech campus. Tech will hold two separate memorial services today:

For those like myself who can only watch and be there in spirit, I want to point you to some of the best sites and articles to help memorialize the day. The best place to start is the memorial site Va Tech set up. And for at least today, our sidebar has the names of all 32 victims with links to the bios from the official Tech site. If you’re like me, you can remember some of the stories just by looking at the photos.

There will be a photographic memorial on campus today featuring pictures by many different individuals. One of the photographers who contributed to that event is Jeff Reid. His blog is here. Scroll down a bit and you can see some of the his work taken last year. The image of the girl kneeling before the array of flowers on the drill field is my favorite.

There were also many victims that day who survived. Twenty six students were shot but lived. Six have now graduated and the remaining twenty are still on campus. Because of medical privacy issues the names of the wounded have not been released. One person who has come forward is Heidi Miller. She was shot three times and still has a bullet in her abdomen, but she hasn’t let it stop her from doing good for others. You can read her inspiring story here. And you can hear her discuss it over a slideshow here.

And of course there are the families of the victims. The New York Times has the moving story of Bryan and Reneé Cloyd, parents of Austin Cloyd. Since her loss, they have devoted themselves to one of her favorite causes, rebuilding homes for poor families in Appalachia. Definitely worth a read.

There’ll be lots more to come. The Roanoke Times (the closest big paper to Blacksburg) has a blog of sorts titled One Year Later. There’s just a few entries so far, but they promise to be updating hourly tomorrow. There’s already one little video story about the local flower shop where I used to buy my wife flowers. Speaking of which, here’s a post about some of my own good memories of Virginia Tech.

Finally, while I hesitate to highlight anything having to do with the gunman, the issue of his church experience has gotten a lot of play on the web, not all of it even-handed. I did some original reporting on this subject last year, including an exchange with his former pastor. In addition, so far as I know this blog is still the only source for English language translation of some of the unique reports that were published in Korean newspapers last year. Setting the record straight here.

God Bless Virginia Tech today. May we not see another event like this in my lifetime.

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