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Clueless TV Reporter Alonya Minkovski Embarrasses Herself on Air

John on October 23, 2010 at 1:17 pm

The Blaze put up a story about a graphic new abortion ad. In response, Russia Today on air personality Alyona Minkovski decides to set the record straight. There’s just one problem. She’s clueless:

YouTube Preview Image

There are at least two false claims made by Alyona.

  1. She says “88% of abortions are done at a very early stage when there’s nothing more in your stomach than a ball of cells and that’s what it looks like is a ball of freaking cells.” In fact, in order to reach 88% Alyona would have to include abortions that occur up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, which is just 8 weeks after most women realize they are pregnant. Here’s what a “ball of freaking cells” looks like at 12 weeks:
    Yes, that’s a “ball of freaking cells” with distinct tissues, organs, hands, feet and, oh yeah, a beating heart. If you want to see what a 10 week old fetus looks like after an abortion, click here. [Content warning this is graphic]
  2. But that’s not the only egregious error she makes in this clip. A bit later she says “Missy here has decided to take pictures of kids who are almost full term, which means the only reason they have those pictures is because these babies weren’t going to live.”

First of all, congratulations for stating the obvious there, Alyona. They are kids and babies. You’re right about that. But, no, it’s not true that all of them weren’t going to live anyway. About 1% of all abortions happen after 21 weeks. So, given that there are about 1 million abortions per year in the US, that means there are about 10,000 that were done at or near the point of fetal viability. Fetal viability is the point at which the baby could be born and potentially survive outside the womb. Today, a good hospital could deliver a child as early as 24 weeks and likely help him/her survive. Some babies have even survived as early as 22 weeks, though this is more rare.

And in fact, Alyona has no idea why the babies pictured in the ad she is discussing were aborted. There is no requirement in American law that late term abortion only be done on kids who are going to die from some medical malformation. That’s because there’s a loophole in American abortion law big enough to drive a truck through. It says abortion can be restricted in the 3rd trimester, but not in a way that prevents any procedure “necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother.” In practice, the “health” of the mother means whatever her doctor/abortionist wants it to mean. So, in essence, it means nothing. As a result, there are hundreds and probably thousands of late term abortions done every year which destroy perfectly healthy kids (your term, remember Alyona?).

It’s obvious that Alyona Minkovski is a true believer. She’s entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts. RT should not give her a platform on their network to offer misinformation. For the record I’m a fan of RT, especially their video work which I have linked many times in the past. But if this is emblematic of the work of Alyona Minkovski, RT should think hard about renewing her contract when it comes up.

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