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Barack’s Grievance Tour

John on April 14, 2008 at 10:37 am

Obama’s people still haven’t figured out that this is much worse than the Rev. Wright fiasco. In the Wright case, the issue was why Obama sat through all those terrible rants. Here the issue is why he uttered his own. He’s been trying to stand by himself the same way he stood by Wright, but Wright was retiring and arguably his time had past. Last I checked Obama is applying for a big job.

In his latest effort to spin his way out of this, Obama told a crowd last night that “religion is a bulwark,” as if that’s what he’d been trying to say all along. But Ed Morrissey at Hot Air breaks down exactly why that excuse won’t fly:

In order to accept that Obama meant religion served as a bulwark for honest folk in hard economic circumstances, this is what else serves as a bulwark:

  • Guns – Well, Obama could make up some ground if he actually embraced gun rights, but his record proves unreliable on this point.
  • Xenophobia – Is Obama endorsing bigotry as a “bulwark”? That’s a kind of race debate we hadn’t expected — nor do we want.
  • Protectionism and populism – Unfortunately, Obama’s track record on this is clear; he not only believes in protectionism, he’s running explicitly on that platform.
First it was the grievances of race, now it’s the grievances of class.

Despite major media outlets attempt to downplay it, Barack’s Marxist analysis of small-town America is going to have an effect on his campaign. I don’t know if it will cost him the nomination, but this is going to hurt him in all of the remaining primaries. He is slowly transforming from the fresh face of “Change” to the national spokesman for grievances of every kind. First it was the grievances of race, now it’s the grievances of class. This new Obama is a lot less appealing but, I suspect, a lot closer to the real man.

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